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Digital Library is Up and Running

By popular request, the digital library has been up and running since September. We currently have nearly 3,000 items, predominantly old membership applications, available online and hope you will take a few moments to see what is up. We allow only directory information, which is basically anything found in a phone book or student directory.

We are currently looking for an intern to add to our digital collection. The 2018 intern will be organizing and adding genealogy files to the digital collection. If you know of anyone interested in being an intern for the summer, please give them our contact info and we can get the job announcement to them.

We have just finished putting up an exhibit on what the Vasa Order did during WWI and WWII. We have included Canadian and Swedish lodges in this exhibit. We have a couple examples of VOA regalia, mock Coffee for Sweden bags, and excerpts from local lodges, district lodges and the Grand Lodge. This exhibit will be up for two years and we hope you can make it to Bishop Hill to see it.

If you have any questions about the Vasa National Archives, our collections, or reference materials, just let us know at 309-927-3898, or look us up on Facebook.

Truth and Unity,

Kathy Cuff

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