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Donation Wish List

Small Things We Could Use

Please let us know if you order something for us so we can adjust and thank you for the gift.

Electric screwdriver

Blank CD-R

Color paper

TN223 Toner

2 New Computers

Swedish-American and Swedish-Canadian Books

16x25x5 HVAC filters

3' x'3 floor mat to protect carpets

70 pt dehumidifier


7' shelf post

Digital Archive Annual Fees - $1100

The Vasa National Archive joined the Upper Mississippi Digital Image Archive last year to put our collections online. For the past several years, a grant has covered the cost of the digital archive. Sadly, the grant has ended and Vasa's portion of the subscription fee is $1,100. This covers storage, updates, troubleshooting, etc.

Outreach programs (music, demostrations, craft projects, etc.) - approx. $400 each program

We try to do most of our outreach programs in house to keep cost low. But we'd like to offer programs by outside groups as well. While prices vary depending on a host of factors (distance traveled, housing accommodations, transportation, etc.) $400 is a good general starting place for most artists in our area.

Collection shipping from LL and DLs in Sweden and Canada - approx. $50/lbs, will cost more for bulky items

We want all local lodges and district lodges to be well represented in the Vasa National Archives. For numerous reasons, some lodges and districts are not as well represented. Digital is a great medium, but it is not as stable or reliable as paper. We want to start a fund to help pay for a portion of the S&H of records, pictures, etc held in these locations.

Picnic Tables for our picnic area - approx. $3,478 with Shipping and Handling for 4 tables, $800 per table

After years of sun, rain, snow and other weather, our current plastic picnic tables are beginning to deteriorate and pieces are chipping away. We use the picnic tables for lodge functions and various outdoor archival activities during nice weather. We want to replace these old tables with new ones to continue to make use of our outdoor spaces. We are looking at these to replace the old tables. 

Traveling Music groups help draw attending to the Vasa Order.
Financial donations are always welcome

Archival Supplies and Gift Cards

Based on the past two years of archival purchases we expect to spend between $1,500-$2,000 this year on folders, archival tissue paper, shelving units, spacers, etc. We commonly shop at Gaylord Archival Supply, Walmart, Menards, and Staples for our needs. Gift cards, or rebate checks, to these locations are quite welcome and can help cover some of our expenses.

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