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Honor a Departed Brother or Sister

        It is customary among Vasa members to honor our departed sisters and brothers. We do this in many ways. We offer our help and sympathies to the survivors. We have memorial services at our District Convention and also in many Local Lodges. Frequently floral tributes are sent. Through the Vasa Order of America Archives, we have the opportunity to create a more lasting memorial.


You can print the resolution and send it in to: 
The Vasa National Archives
PO Box 101

Bishop Hill, IL 61419

         Lodges, members and friends of the departed one can also send a cash memorial to the Archive in memory of a deceased person. In the Archive, attractive memorial cards are filed alphabetically in a cabinet donated by Roy Nelson and Bertil Winstrom, and will be preserved forever in memory of a loved one. The person making the donation will receive acknowledgement and the family will receive a memorial card. Any person or organization may convey a memorial. The person so honored need not be a Vasa member. The donations should be sent to our Archive Financial Secretary and are tax deductible. Our Memorial Cards are most worthwhile and thoughtful. These memorials are very helpful in perpetuating the activities of the Vasa National Archive.

Additional resolution forms can be received from the Vice Grand Secretary.

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