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Emergency Procedures

Following Katrina and Sandy, it has become more common for museums and archives to develop Emergency Procedures. Being an individual or a Vasa Lodge, it may not seem as vital to have such procedures or policies in place. But having Emergency Procedures in place will come in helpful if an emergency should occur and make sure that everyone is following the appropriate guidelines. Most training will tell you to think of even small events, i.e. plumbing leaks, as disasters and refer to anything needing immediate response as an incident. 


Type "Disaster Recovery" into their search bar and a host of classes, links and materials pop up. They also offer a "Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel" that can walk you through recovering from any size disaster.

Society of American Archives

SAA provides disaster recovery grants, guidelines, vendors and information on disaster recovery.

The Vasa National Archives is more than happy to help you with disaster planning or recovery efforts within our ability. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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