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A message from the president of Vasa National Archives, Vasa Star, Winter 2017

Dear Vasa Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for your generous contributions to our successful Julgran Fundraiser. A candlelight reception in celebration of the fundraiser was held on Dec. 2. The reception, hosted by several Archives Board members, was also an opportunity to thank those in Bishop Hill who have helped support the Archives and our archivist, Kathy Cuff, during the previous year. Representatives from other historical associations and business owners were invited along with Vasa members who have graciously volunteered for special projects, festivals and projects. The Julgran, decorated with the bulbs you donated, was on display at the Archives.

Bishop Hill was decorated beautifully throughout the holiday season and all the shops were open featuring Christmas gifts and crafts. Tomtes were everywhere peeking into windows and making shoppers smile. Thank you to Bishop Hill’s local lodge for the kind invitation to Vasa guests to join in the Lucia smorgasbord and Lucia pageant held in the Colony School on Dec. 3. All the traditional Christmas treats including lutfisk were served and a beautiful Lucia helped us greet the Jul season though a winter blizzard faced many of us as we left the area Sunday morning!

The Archives is now closed for a couple months during this quiet time of the year. It gives our archivist the uninterrupted time she needs to continue organizing and sorting, updating electronic processes, communicating and developing programs and projects for the coming year.

Kathy has completed her first year in Bishop Hill. She is happy and successful in the community and has made multiple improvements within the Archives, including becoming a working part of the village and being represented at all the festivals. Kathy is working closely with the other historical societies and has become an active member of Vasa. She is learning Swedish and enjoying her new life including the snow and the peaceful winter.

Your local lodge has received our new Collection Policy and we hope you will consider making donations. If you have questions about whether your donation is appropriate please contact our Kathy Cuff at 309-927-3898 or via e-mail at

The National Archives is a necessary and vital branch of the Vasa Order. It is imperative that all members feel and take ownership of it. I’m grateful for your support as we enter 2017 with excitement and renewed energy.

In Truth and Unity,

Bill Lundquist

President of the Vasa National A


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