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Virtual Exhibits

The Vasa National Archives changes an exhibit every year. Here you can find past and present exhibits featured at the Vasa National Archive. This is a work in progress and we will be adding more to it in the coming months. The exhibits are created in-house with little to no additional materials from other museums, archives, or individuals.

Kittelsen Underjordiske_-_subteranean_(underground_creatures_switching_baby_in_cradle)_edi

For portions of the year, the sun doesn't rise for any length of time. Other portions, the sun sets for the briefest of hours before rising. Nordic countries are filled with stories about creatures that live among us and in the deepest forests. Come see what these tales say about us and our relationship with the environment.

The Vasa National Archive has several resources available for genealogist. This slideshow goes over what we have in-house to help you with your genealogical research.

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