vasa archives
Bill and Sheila Lundquist
District 8 Convention 2016

Welcome from

the President

Bishop Hill was chosen as the site for the Vasa National Archives because of its historic value to the “Great Immigration” of Swedes to America.  It is the home of the Vasa Order and properly valued and funded will become the legacy of the Order.


Bishop Hill was settled by the Janssonists, a group of Swedish Protestants who fled oppression seeking religious freedom in the United States in 1846.  They purchased land in the western Illinois wilderness and survived tremendous hardships before ultimately creating a successful economic enterprise, a hub for thousands of Swedish immigrants who settled in the Midwest.  Bishop Hill is a registered historic landmark, an actual living, working piece of history from this significant immigration period.


With the help of our archivist, Kathy Cuff, we continue to collect and display materials and artifacts significant to the Order.  We are developing collection policies, storage procedures and planning programs in conjunction with the other historical organizations in the village.  We will be digitalizing data to make it electronically available to those who cannot visit the area.


I hope you will visit the Vasa National Archives in Bishop Hill to experience a taste of the past but if you are unable, please access it on “on-line”.  The Vasa Order of America has a strong sense of its past and I believe a bright future.  


In Truth and Unity,

Bill Lundquist, President